Color and Interior Design

It has long been known how various colors affect the psyche of a person and his/her emotional state. Therefore, the color of furniture in the interior is important not only for creating the style of an apartment or house, but also for its inhabitants.

      For example, the decoration in the bedroom is better to do in pastel colors – blue, blue, soft pink. So you will always feel rested and fresh. Several dark accents will enliven the room and give it depth, while an overabundance will oppress and deprive vitality.

      White furniture will help visually expand the space, achieve harmony and tranquility. But at the same time, this shade refers to the cold, so with its excess, you can begin to feel uncomfortable in the room.

      Recalling the interiors of the past, it is not difficult to guess that mainly brown furniture was present in the interior. According to scientists, this is a rather unfavorable color for the inhabitants of a house or apartment, since it puts pressure on the psyche and depresses. You can use it only in small quantities.

      To summarize, let’s say that the furniture must be selected wisely and thought out in advance its color, shape, design and functionality, then you will definitely feel at home comfortably. And your interior will not only sparkle with the most interesting colors, but will also bring something extraordinary to the space.

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