Winner announced: Wednesday 5th Nov 2014

Scratch Europe’s distinguished surface and underneath you’re likely to find a sequined spandex jumpsuit. For all its pomposity, ceremony and history Europe is a vast petri dish of cultures, each bubbling with their own subversive predilections.

As the European Bazaar project has shown, Western Europe’s penchant for strange and wonderful festivals spans the whole gambit from the cute and cuddly to the borderline insane.

Over the next week I’ll be announcing the three finalists in the category for Europe’s


Each of these nominees is bewildering in their existence, either for the scale of the madness that they release on humanity and/or for the incredulous ‘What/Why/How’ reaction that they provoke.

These are the festivals that defy explanation, that tell us just how ridiculous we can be when we try hard enough and that give logic a wedgie it will never forget.

The nominees will be listed in no particular order, with the winner announced on the morning of Wednesday 5th November.

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