How to furnish a house in green color?

House is where we spend most of the time. So very important what it looks like. This color has the ability to affect a person’s emotional state. Psychologists say that it happens because shades of green color are associated with nature. Green color refreshes make people more positive and cheerful. 

Green abstract paintings help set the mood and relax people because they make no sense and everyone sees something different behind these images. The painting should fit the interior for a bright accent. If you want to notice it you should choose the large painting. You also can put a few paintings of different sizes. Sometimes designers choose a painting first, and then a room design for it. Green paintings go perfectly with flowers and plants. Orange, white, black, yellow, and brown colors combine with green. Abstract paintings are a great present!

What other ways to make a design in a green style?

The design in green color will look wonderful in all rooms. Especially for a bedroom, because we sleep in it and the atmosphere should be light and soothing for good sleeping. You can decorate the bedroom with green wallpaper or paint. There are different flowers, plants, striped and dotted patterns on the wallpaper or they can be one-color. Using different shades of green will look more interesting. The kitchen is where we eating and bright colors awaken an appetite, so you should use green and yellow colors. You should remember that dark shades of green make the room smaller. It will be nice to create your own design style. You can make room in a light green color, add a wooden chair, an abstract painting, and a lot of plants. Textile can also play an important role in the interior. It is your blankets, pillows, curtains, and carpets. Green curtains may be long and short at the same time. Small green pillows on the white sofa will look excellent. A green blanket on the dark grey bed also will look awesome. Homemade knitted rugs are getting more and more popular all over the world. Photo frames in green shades is also an interesting decor item. Your interior will be trendy with all tips.

The green color will always lift your spirits and will be liked by your guests. If you think that a house is a place of comfort and rest you can choose an interior in a green style!

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