The best software for your NEMT company

NEMT companies are becoming more and more popular because the elderly and people with disabilities really need them. Such services are irreplaceable and we believe they will save people’s lives. However, providing services requires a lot of money for fuel and vehicle repairs, careful scheduling, routing, and billing. Sometimes NEMT companies can’t deal with everyday problems carefully, therefore, we represent the powerful NEMT software – iSiTechnology.

After 15 years of working and helping NEMT companies to improve their performance, we can say with confidence that we can help everyone with the most difficult problem. Company development demands careful planning and a powerful strategy to be sure of success. The iSiTechnology consists of several projects, which complement each other and together create an incredibly strong system. 

What are our main advantages?

As we already said above, our project consists of several ones that help each other. If we speak about billing, be sure that BillPRO and Claimgenix software products will help you. First of all, forget about paper documentation. All data will be in applications to which we will give you access later. Don’t worry about insurance claims. The system of combination careful routing and scheduling methods leads to reducing expenses for fuel and repairing. We choose the best and fastest routes. By the way, there is nothing worse than being late for a call to the client because he could have booked an appointment with a doctor. To avoid such situations, you need to carefully plan, based on orders. By the way, to keep abreast of all the wishes of customers, drivers can use the application. Moreover, in any emergencies on the road, iSiTechnology will always be there. We also represent an opportunity for homecare for people who need it. This allows our workers to be sure of the safety of our clients. Elderly and people with disabilities can feel calm and comfortable because they know that someone can be their savior in the case of emergency. Contact us!

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