Two-in-one: Save the Planet and Raise Money

In many cities around the world there is such an environmental problem as industrial pollution. Factories, electric and hydroelectric power stations, transformer substations, gas stations, warehouses for storage and processing of products are sources of pollution.

      How to reduce pollution

      First of all, the reduction in industrial pollution depends on the enterprises themselves. In order for this to happen, the management of factories, stations and other facilities must themselves control the work process, pay special attention to the waste remediation and disposal. In addition, you can use low-waste technologies and GreenPower environmental developments that will reduce the level of pollution and minimize the impact on the environment. Secondly, the reduction of pollution depends on the competence and professionalism of the workers themselves. If they do their job good at the enterprise, this will reduce the risk of industrial pollution of cities.

      How to earn money

      So how in the modern and progressive world can you earn money? Odd as it may sound – on waste! GreenPower is here to help you.

GreenPower is an international company of bioenergy industry that manufactures equipment for recycling of raw materials. We know how to process the following waste:

  • Waste of agricultural industry: sunflower, corn heads, straw, gardening waste (branches), etc.
  • Other biomass: lignin, waste from treatment plants.
  • Fine coal waste.
  • Hazardous waste and MSW: medical, quarantine and municipal solid waste.
  • Other waste: walnut shell, seeds of fruit trees, firewood of different species, slab, waste of polymers and rubber goods.

      We constantly improve our products following international requirements. We strive to make the world better and cleaner. Let`s unite strengths and work together on changing the environment for better. The world is our oyster. Don`t lose your chance to become environmentally friendly and help our planet to survive, contact GreenPower.

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