Week Two Winner – Europe’s Most Fun Festival To Compete In is….

Wales’ World Alternative Games!

Tucked away, as it is, in the rolling hills of central Wales, the little town of Llanwrtyd Wells could easily be overlooked by the rest of the world. Yet every the year thousands of people flock to this village for its utterly unique calendar of events. This little town, which could have gone quietly into the night without a whimper, instead refuses to be ignored, raising its voice against the fog of obscurity to become Europe’s Mecca of bizarre sporting events.


The newest of these events, and the most audacious, has been the World Alternative Games (WAG), Llanwrtyd Wells’ answer to the Olympics. Listing 60 different events this is likely the only chance you’ll ever get to win a gold medal in Pub Trivia, or try your hand at Finger Jousting, or regret your choices during Gravy Wrestling.

There are a host of events for kids as well as adults; while the kids compete in the marble championship, Dad can be out the back winning the Stiletto Racing and while Mum takes gold in the Office Chair Racing.

Yet despite the the fun of taking home swags of medals, the WAG would not be winning this award if it were not for the people behind it. There is a palpable community spirit to LLanwrtyd Wells, the inhabitants are friendly, fun, and passionate. This seems to attract people from all over the world with a shared sense of humour, definitely making this Europe’s Most Fun Festival to Compete in.

But just remember, the World Alternative Games happens every two years, with the next one scheduled for 2016. But if ever you find yourself passing through Wales, it’s worth stopping by at LLanwrtyd Wells, you never know what might be happening. Check the Green Event website for more information on upcoming events!

What: The World Alternative Games
When: Happens every 2 years, around August. Next outing 2016
Where: Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, UK
How Much: Event Entry varies from £1 – £15 depending on event
Why: The chance to be the best in the world at a sport no one else has heard of!

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