Why Choose KVM VPS Over Other Alternatives

After someone decides to make their own website, one of the main questions is what type of hosting should they get. There are a couple of most popular options – a shared (general) hosting, a VPS hosting or a physical dedicated server hosting. Which one to choose depends solely on the size of the site, or the number of them that the owner wants to host on one server. 

VPS Hosting for Business Websites

Unless your business is just starting out, your website is probably handling a couple of hundreds of sessions per day. Even with lots of optimization, shared hosting doesn’t cut it for such sites. There may not be enough resources, and if there is, they can be pulled by other sites on the same servers and the performance goes down.

The best solution is to get the next logical option – VPS hosting, and preferably the type of VPS KVM services. Why? Let me explain.

Why Is VPS KVM Better?

KVM stands for a kernel-based virtual machine, which is located on top of the physical server. what it does for you is that the recourses are not accessible to other users on the server. You get everything you paid for, consistently, with no hiccups in performance.

VPS KVM-based hosting provides you with:

  • the resources that are just yours, no more sharing
  • a dedicated IP 
  • the complete control over your server
  • great customer support 

All of the above is essential for a business website owner, as it guarantees the smooth and fast running of one or more sites, that will give consistently good customer experience to the clients and therefore boost the sales. It also provides peace of mind, knowing all of the recourses for your site are secured and no one else has access to them.

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