Why is VPS Better than Shared Virtual Hosting?

VPS is an intermediate solution and a middle ground for customers who already have few shared hosting resources and a dedicated server is a rather expensive purchase.

      The main differences and advantages of VPS compared to shared hosting:

  • Access to the server as administrator – root access, which allows you to configure software for yourself, full-fledged SSH access. On shared hosting tariffs, this option is not provided.
  • Guaranteed allocated resources, although the physical server is divided between VPS users, but the amount of disk space, RAM and the processor are legalized, so that only the owner of the VPS uses the resources. In general, the client owns its virtual space, and it does not depend on the “neighbors” on the server.
  • The personal IP address of your website, which is provided to the VPS tenant, in comparison with the fact that all the “residents” of the server on the same IP on the hosting.
  • A wide range of VPS settings allows you to optimize individual projects that are on it.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of websites, MySql databases, FTP connections, mailboxes. On a shared hosting, these options are limited.
  • The ability to transfer your websites one to one without additional settings.
  • The ability to control all running processes.
  • VPS restart function.

Who is the VPS server Canada suitable for?

      First of all, VPS server Canada is suitable for many visited online projects, including online stores, which have few options for conventional shared hosting. VPS also allows you to create many mailboxes and databases, which makes it possible to provide remote access to all employees of a large company. In addition, if you plan to do reselling, you can rent a VPS and place customer websites on its resources. VPS is guaranteed personal resources, and accordingly – high reliability.      As you can see, there are many reasons for acquiring a VPS server. At HostZealot, we provide various tariffs to choose from, with different specifications. Our round-the-clock technical support will help you configure and install any software on your VPS. Virtual server hosting can be purchased directly on our website.

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